Monthly Archives: February 2021

Dinner time

We are not very good at eating dinner. Mostly Meimei. Sometimes we can’t stop talking and Daddy is done eating before we even started. Sometimes Meimei refuses to eat anything and lies down on the floor. Usually, we end up making huge messes all over the table, chair, and floor, we stand on our chairs and then Daddy yells at us, and Mommy ends up having to feed Meimei. Oh and also, usually one of us ends up going poop in the middle of dinner. SOMETIMES though, we really like the food and eat everything!

– Kayli and Leia

We used to only eat salmon off Mommy’s plate, not our own. Now, we make seaweed salmon sandwiches!

The one thing we always eat is pesto pasta! Meimei loves mushrooms, and saying Mmmmm! when she eats them.